Relationship With A Narcissist: How To Regain Your Self-Esteem – Part IV

After a relationship with a narcissist, whether it was a friendship or of a romantic nature, many people are still strongly influenced by the experience, even after a long time. Here you will find some helpful tips on how you can find your self-esteem and confidence again and let go of what you have gone through.

Beziehung mit einem Narzissten: Wie du deine Selbstachtung zurückgewinnen kannst – Teil IV

Viele Menschen sind nach einer Beziehung mit einem Narzissten, ob nun freundschaftlicher oder romantischer Natur, auch nach geraumer Zeit noch stark beeinflusst von dem Erlebten. Dafür gibt es einige hilfreiche Tipps, wie auch du wieder deine Selbstachtung findest und dich von dem Erlebten lösen kannst.

Thinkers in Relationships

Although it is often seen as a gift when people think a lot more and feel things more intensely, this can often bring a completely new set of challenges into relationships. Some people would claim that they also think a lot and also feel more deeply than others, which is sometimes not easy to assess from the outside. That is why we are now looking at often exhibited personality traits of these people and maybe you will recognize yourself or someone else in them and will be able to either better understand yourself or someone close to you...