Areas of application

Hypnotherapy can easily, efficiently and sustainably help you with various issues:

  • Anxieties and phobias (flying, dentist, exam, panic attacks, social phobias, etc.)
  • Self-worth/confidence issues
  • Allergies (hay fever, neurodermatitis etc.)
  • Sleeping disorders (falling asleep, sleeping through the night)
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Issues with concentration and studying
  • Chronic pain
  • Birth preparation
  • Addiction (smoking, alcohol, drugs & gambling)
  • Weight management (HypnoSlim) and eating disorders (overweight/underweight)
  • Sports hypnosis (performance improvement, mental strength etc.)
  • Sexual issues such as dysfunction or loss of libido, etc.

and so many more!

Every hypnosis session is actually a self-hypnosis session, so you always remain in control by being the master of the situation. The hypnotherapist has no control or power over the client, the client does or shares, only what they really want. With many issues, it only takes few hypnosis sessions.