In addition to offering hypnosis sessions in my private practice, keeping with the recommended protection guidelines from the SBVH Swiss Professional Association for Hypnotherapy, I offer online sessions via Zoom or Skype. Find more information here.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a procedure that reaches a hypnotic trance, which entails a temporary shift of attention and a deep relaxation. The terms „Hypnosis“ and „hypnotic trance“ are often used as synonyms. 

In this state, the subconscious mind is responsive and the concentration on a specific issue is immensely increased whilst the ability of the conscious mind to intervene with criticism is decreased. Therefore certain phenomenons can finally be perceived and amplified, i.e. changes in the conscious mind and memory, assume control of the autonomic nervous system, increased susceptibility for suggestions as well as the perception of unusual reactions and imaginations of the conscious mind. That definition is still somewhat vague as the physiological processes are still being studied. The state of hypnosis closely resembles the natural and spontaneous state that can be experienced when falling asleep or waking up, in daydreaming, concentrated reading of a book or while watching a movie. The focus of the consciousness is solely concentrated on one thing (the book, the movie or the words of the hypnotherapist). From Wikipedia (Open source encyclopaedia)

Hypnotherapy helps you to activate your self-healing powers sustainably. The therapy is most efficient, effective and gentle. The hypnotic trance is a state of sharpened awareness and focused concentration. (Reeves, Redd, Storm, et al 1983; Spegal & Bloom, 1983; Syrjala, Cummings & Donaldson, 1992)

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