Hypno-System: Systemic Solutions in Hypnotherapy

The method by Claudia Mueller Tripodi

Inherited traumas can be dissolved with the assistance of a combination of systemic and hypnosis therapy

I have spoken about this topic live at the 7th International Hypnosis Convention and virtually at the 8th International Hypnosis Convention with more than 1300 attendees, which has received a lot of positive feedback. Next to my work as a hypnotherapist, I also hold lectures and speak at events internationally.

Not every trauma is personal, sometimes anxieties, addictions, issues and much else is inherited from the family system.
A regression, finding the original source of the situation, remains the classical approach in hypnotherapy. There are however topics, that cannot be resolved without including the family system. These may be devastating moments of fate, experiences of war or the like. I use this method that I had developed to train other hypnotherapists.

If you would like to achieve the best results with your therapy, these training courses are exactly what you need. In my advanced training courses, I teach hypnotherapists how they can resolve inherited traumas quickly and precisely by using my method.

Due to the current situation, dates for the next training courses remain to be dated. If you are interested in these training courses, feel free to reach out via e-mail to info@hypno-art.ch or give us a call at +41 79 402 67 00.