Upcoming seminars, workshops and lectures:

  • Lecture about the Hypno-SYSTEM Method in Switzerland, upcoming
  • Systemic Family Constellations Weekend in Switzerland
  • Workshop Systemic Family Constellation in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Lecture about Communication & Body Language in Tel Aviv, Israel (fully booked)
  • Lecture about Communication & Body Language in Switzerland (fully booked)
  • Lecture about Hypnotherapy in Switzerland (fully booked)

Systemic Family Constellations-Weekend

Are the relationships and connections in your life marked by repetitive problems? Do you want to uncover family patterns and find a reason for your behavior or your feelings? Have you ever found yourself trying to resolve an inexplicable behavioral pattern?

In systemic family constellations you gain insights into the motives of your behavior, can unravel entangled family relationships, which helps you to gain clarity in your everyday life with yourself, with other people, at work and in your relationships and to break through old patterns.

Many therapeutic methods only deal with the theoretical individual, whereas systemic family constellation is a practical approach, with the help of the original family of the present one that is placed “in the room” and so-called representatives standing in place. Each participant stands for a family member of the person setting it up.
The group leader (and the other group members) help to initiate changes in the system, to resolve tensions and longstanding conflicts and thereby working out in finding a “good solution” for the person concerned. For all other participants who take part in the respective family constellation as representatives, such a constellation not only provides the solution to another entangled system, but also insights into how to approach their own issues.
If you too want to seriously work on your soul, then this system is the fastest that we have come to know so far.

Dates: dates remain to be set.

Place: Central Switzerland, details to follow

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