First session with extensive preliminary discussion and analysis
(Anamnesis & explanation of following hypnotherapy), 2-3 hours
CHF 480.-

Subsequent hypnotherapy sessions, per hour
CHF 180.-

Smoking cessation flat rate, approx. 2-3 (incl. preliminary discussion)
This entails a second session of approx. 1 hour of deepening session, if so desired
CHF 680.-

Hypnotherapy for children & teenagers until 16 years of age, per hour
CHF 180.-

Couples counselling, per hour
CHF 220.-

*Rates include preparation and the work following the session
**Should you be unable to make your appointment, please communicate this up to 24 hours in advance of the appointment. Otherwise you will be charged CHF 100.-.
***Rates above apply for in-person sessions, as well as for online hypnotherapy