This past year has been anything but easy for most people and will certainly make history as one of many challenges and a few highlights.

Covid-19 has completely changed our lives in a most unforeseen way; many people had to learn how to deal with uncertainty, loneliness, health and financial concerns. With political changes, forest fires, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, wars and global warming alone we would have had our work cut out for us for the entire year. On top of all that, we had to deal with instability. We weren’t able to plan anything ahead, to meet up with friends and family became a mission impossible for many of us and hunger and poverty spread like wildfire.

The year of 2020 has also had it’s good moments though. People all around the world have reached out to their friends, family and strangers near and far and due to virtual contacts, nature had a chance to restore itself. People showed more solidarity for humanitarian issues and have donated to pandemic relief funds and social institutions as well and we have hopefully all come to realize, what is most important in life. When we shift our perspective to hope and positivity, we can feel much better within just a few moments. Even though many people will be alone for the holidays or some weren’t able to do as much as they had planned to or others that are having health or financial difficulties, especially for them, I would like to send out a most precious gift – hope!

Since you cannot wrap hope, I would like to send you this one task. Before you go to bed, reflect on the things you are most grateful for, despite everything else you might have going on. Maybe you have a job, your loving family, friends, maybe you have learned something very valuable about yourself, have a place to call home, maybe you were able to work on your creative aspirations, small milestones you have accomplished just for yourself or maybe you are hopeful again because of all these changes you have experienced.

To remain positive in every situation is no easy feat. But to realize what it is, that you are thankful for, even if they are just the small things, this can shift your entire perception.

I would now like to wish you a most wonderful holiday and a great start into the new year with lots of hope and optimism.

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