Have your New Years‘ resolutions failed again after a week? This usually does not happen due to a lack of willingness. Knowing how to overcome the first hurdles to change can be a big help in achieving and fulfilling your resolutions.

Here are a few tipps:

  1. It is recommended to implement any changes in your life in smaller hurdles to overcome. Start by planning out how to include smaller steps into your daily life, which will eventually lead you toward your ultimate goal.
  2. Mentally adjust and stay open to the change that you are making, without resisting your really important ultimate goal.
  3. Stay positive and actively notice the small changes that you have already achieved, every change always brings along a crucial path of learning.
  4. Give yourself enough time and do not worry about setbacks. The next day you have another chance to tackle the change again.
  5. If you do get the impression that you are sabotaging yourself a lot, it may be because of unconscious beliefs. In order to dissolve these beliefs and to be able to use your full potential, hypnotherapy can support you effectively and sustainably. You can find more information about hypnotherapy on this website.
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