When we become aware that everything is connected and related to one another, it is easier for us to recognize the possibilities.

Especially in a situation like our current one, we realize once again that not only everything on this earth is connected, but that every person and their actions can have an influence on many other people. When we feel alone or isolated from the rest of the world, it can be comforting to re-examine how our attitudes, opinions and actions can affect everything else around us.

Fact of the matter is, our simplest thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions have implications on a larger scale and can determine how other people feel and behave. As it is said in Chinese mythology, everything is connected by an invisible thread and reacts to different vibrations and effects. When a person is actually aware of this and takes their decisions, thoughts and actions accordingly with more confidence and intention whilst being aware of consequences, one speaks of „mindfulness“ nowadays. Thus, the smallest drop can trigger ever-growing larger waves.

This works similarly in human interactions. When you want to emotionally support a child by giving them positive feedback, these words can manifest within the kid’s belief system. This kid will eventually pass this belief onto its own children and our once own thoughts will thereby live on and may create positive impact. It is nice to know, that especially through encouraging words or positive opinions, we can potentially positively influence other lives. This applies to solidarity as well, which is constantly being tested nowadays. If we do not only care about our own well-being, but we take care of our dear ones, we might in fact inspire others to do so too and care more for their loved ones.
Our knowledge of these impacts can help us and give us strength to go through life with more „mindfulness“, being part of something bigger.

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