In the age of online dating and zoom dates, there are still five timeless personality traits that we find extremely attractive in a potential partner.

  1. One of the most beautiful characteristics: Kindness
    This is not only expressed in the classic kindness, but also in emotional generosity, devotion, empathy and the proverbial “good heart”. This is a quality that not only relates to the other person, but also to our self-image. With kindness in our hearts, we are generally happier, do good for others without expecting anything in return, and feel more complete. Smiling at a stranger, taking care of the people closest to us as well as strangers, automatically makes us more attractive.
    To also be generous and good to ourselves, to forgive our “mistakes” and to work on ourselves and at the same time to treat ourselves with respect, helps us in the long run in all our relationships with other people. The classic phrase “only those who are happy on their own can be completely happy with others” finds its place here.
  2. The most obvious characteristic: Compatible sense of humor
    When another person understands our sense of humor and shares similar views, that can create an automatic sense of connection, which in turn makes us attractive to others and they appear equally attractive to us. Even if we have a special sense of humor, with the right person, it will be a perfect fit. What is incomprehensible to one person is perfect for another.
  3. The hardest characteristic to achieve: Self-worth
    Especially nowadays with photoshopped Instagram pictures with filters, many people, especially young people, find it difficult to feel good in their own body, to accept themselves. A healthy sense of self-worth and confidence is a very attractive personality trait. If we remember that online is not real, but posed and manipulated, and many other people have certain insecurities that they don’t particularly like about themselves, then it is much easier for us to accept ourselves. It helps, for example, if you stand in front of a mirror and instead of focusing on the aspects that you feel “need improving”, you should pay attention to solely the beautiful things about yourself, to value them, respect them and appreciate them. Especially when suffering from an illness, we also suddenly become aware of the miracles our body is capable of performing. We should be grateful for that.
  4. The seemingly most unimpressive characteristic: The eyes
    As the old saying goes „the eyes are the window to the soul“, this seems to be a universal measure of attractiveness. You can see a lot in a person’s eyes, read a lot, thoughts, emotions, feelings and goodness can be reflected in them. This is exactly what makes the eyes so attractive to many people. You can create an intimate bond with someone through your eyes alone, without saying a word.
  5. The most important of all characteristics: Truthfulness
    The ultimate key to intimacy and trust. People who are very honest are not always necessarily liked by all people, but if you strike the right note in expressing your truth, this personality trait is the absolute trump card. Authenticity and honesty assure us that we can trust a person, not just regarding romantic loyalty, but that the person remains true to themselves and their beliefs. An unbeatable trait that is ultimately attractive.

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