Certain people are more prone to cheating than others. Some people cheat for no clear reason. In this article, we look at some of the people who are more prone to seeking external sexual intimacy for specific reasons. For the sake of simplicity, we are using the masculine form here.

  • «The bored one»
    In long-term relationships, boredom can creep in due to everyday life, and as soon as a distance between the partners becomes noticeable in addition to the routine, the needs of one or both partners are no longer met.
  • «The fugitive»
    A situation, an illness or an experience of the partner (such as unresolved sexual abuse situations) can put a heavy strain on a relationship. This person does not want to hurt their partner under any circumstances and supports the partner in the process. However, the physical or psychological changes make sexual exchange and intimacy difficult, and this is often an aspect of the relationship that is neglected. „The fugitive“ tries to be supportive but still wants to have his own needs met and this gives him some moral latitude in which an affair can manifest. Temporary missteps can possibly be forgiven in such situations. Certain partners sometimes even give their consent.
  • «The Passion Seeker»
    Certain people are looking for what is missing. In the past, it was more common to enter into a solid relationship, instead of a passionate one, which is now no longer as much the case in modern cultures. And yet sometimes there are still people who only enter into a relationship half-heartedly. In such relationships, both partners usually have similar attitudes, which in the long run can lead to affairs outside of the partnership. Such people could often have been given too little love in their childhood and simply not have been taught what a functioning, loving relationship with friendship, respect and teamwork looks like. The passion seeker doesn’t want to hurt anyone, nor does he have bad intentions. After a misstep, the relationship may even grow closer, or it may be recognized by both partners that the relationship was fundamentally unsatisfactory for both and that these two people just aren’t a good fit for each other for a romantic partnership.

There are of course plenty other reasons for having an affair, these are just a few specific archetypes and hopefully they can give you new insights into your and other relationships.

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