We may have to distinguish between whether an affair lasted one night only or for an extended amount of time, possibly for several years. It’s actually rare for an affair to turn into a happy relationship, at least according to relationship researcher John Gottman.

The question of „guilt“ is not necessarily always the most important one, and it can be different for every relationship and situation. But, when it comes to the continued existence of the relationship, it can also be said: Not every relationship should be saved. You have to be honest with yourself and your partner.

Does your relationship have good roots, potential for continued existence in the future? Do both partners want to invest their time, energy, and attention to saving the relationship? In such situations, there are a few possible solutions; the partners both agree to relationship counseling or therapy.

It is definitely worth making communication a top priority in your relationship and working on the partnership together. So-called monologue-dialogue conversations could be very useful here. You can find an article about this here on the blog Article Monologue-Dialogue.

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