Successful Conversations – Part II: The Power of Your Words

"Never" and "Always" in a conversation are such absolute words that almost no discussion can take place and, due to the aggressive nature of these two words, it ends up in a dispute with mutual attack and defense methods. In a conversation, discussion or argument, there are different ways in which we can influence the further course of events.

Successful Conversations – Part I

Since every conversation, apart from internal dialogues, requires at least two people who communicate and often react on the basis of active or reactive feelings or emotions, they can sometimes result in a discussion or even a heated argument over seemingly nothing of importance.

Shared happiness – Double the joy

When we receive news of successes and achievements from other people or from our loved ones, it is sometimes deeper feelings that influence our reaction and lead us to not share in the happiness. Our own insecurities and fears can move the success of the people closest to us and our positive reaction to it into the background. Jealousy, as well as feelings of unjust treatment, can play an equally important role.